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IMPCO is dedicated to a better world through cleaner air, and we have committed ourselves to improving global environmental quality, preventing pollution and protecting the environment.

We demonstrate this commitment through our development of technologies and products aimed at better utilizing alternate fuel resources such as natural gas and propane.

Our policy encompasses:

  • Providing products to OEM customers for use in all combustion engine applications that exceed customer and governmental emissions regulations.
  • Working with government regulators worldwide in support of technically and financially responsible environmental legislation, and supporting such legislation with technology development to provide product solutions to meet those environmental requirements.
    Continuously assessing the impact of our plants, products and processes on the environment, to ensure we fulfil all legal and other compliance obligations.
  • A goal to continuously assess our environmental management system to identify opportunities for improvement, and to implement those changes with the full commitment and support of management at all levels.

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  IMPCO is a registered trademark brand of IMPCO Technologies Inc.