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IMPCO fuel systems allow a vast range of indoor/outdoor mobile industrial equipment to operate on cleaner-burning gaseous fuels.

Forklifts, man-lifts, scissor-lifts, sweepers, aerial platforms, turf equipment, lawn & garden equipment, light-duty construction gear, mobile wood processing tools and ground support equipment at airports are representative products in this market segment. LPG is the primary fuel choice due to the strict indoor air quality standards of most applications.

IMPCO markets components, open loop systems, certified systems, certified engine packages and service parts into this market. This market is also emission regulated by CARB & EPA in the United States and these regulations are quickly being adopted globally.

With new emission regulations being imposed, original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) require advanced technologies that permit the use of gaseous fuels in order to satisfy not only regulations, but also the customer's requirements for durability, performance and reliability.

IMPCO has developed and is currently supplying a series of advanced technology fuel systems to the industrial forklift OEM market under the brand name Spectrum.
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