From time to time we will post Technical Service Bulletins here.

Current Bulletins:

TSB-104TSB-104 Power Adjustment Valve Change

March 2007

Affected Parts: 55 & Adjustable 60 Series Mixers

TSB-111TSB-111a Modification / Fuel Inlet Pipe Installation

April 2008

Affected Parts: Varifuel 400 & 600 Mixers


TSB-127TSB-127 T60 Repair Kit Change

November 2007

Affected Parts: T60-RCK

TSB-128TSB-128 Vaporizer Part Number Consolidation

November 2007

Affected Parts: 11A17, 11A17-001


TSB-132TSB-132 Correct Air/Gas Valve & Diaphragm Alignment

January 2008

Affected Parts: Model 200D and 200T Carburetors

TSB-135TSB-135 Change in P3-13 Plug

January 2008

Affected Parts: All Spectrum Mixers & Components

TSB-140TSB-140 Varifuel 400 & 600 Power Jet Retention

April 2008

Affected Parts: Varifuel 400 & 600 Mixers

TSB-142TSB-142 200D / 200T Power Valve Change

May 2008

Affected Parts: All 200D and 200T Mixers and Carburetors


TSB-162 TSB-157 Design Change to all E Series Regulators

November 2008

Affected Parts: All Model E Series Regulators and Associated Repair Kits

TSB 162TSB-162 New FL-50046-007 Shut-Off/Lockoff Valve

January 2009

Affected Parts: FL-50046-007 Shut-Off Valve


TSB-164 TSB-164 ET98 Shutoff/Lockoff With Filter

February 2009

Affected Part(s): ET98-51315-001

TSB-165TSB-165 - Tamper Resistant Plug Change For Model 425 Mixers

February 2009

Affected Part(s): Tamper Resistant 425 Mixers


TSB-166TSB-166 - In Line Power Valve Part Changes

February 2009

Affected Part(s): AB1-16 and AB1-32

TSB-167.jpgTSB-167 - 200D Idle Adjustment Change

March 2009

Affected Parts: All 200D Mixers and Carburetors



TSB 168 TSB-168 - New FL-50046-008 Shut-Off/Lockoff Valve

April, 2009

Affected Parts: FL-50046-008 Shut-Off Valve

TSB-169TSB-169 - New IMP Series Regulator

May, 2009

Affected Parts: IMP53 & IMP53-50981-001


TSB 172TSB-172 - NEW ET-98 Shut-Off Valve

June 2009

Affected Parts: ET-98

TSB-175 TSB-175 - Model T-60 Regulator Changes

December, 2009

Affected Parts: All Model T-60 Regulators


TSB-176TSB-176 - Model 55M-500 Mixer & Carburetor Changes

April, 2010

Affected Parts: Model 55M-500 Mixers & Carburetors

TSB 180TSB-180 - Model E & L Secondary Levers

May, 2010

Affected Part(s): Model E and L Repair Kits

TSB 181 TSB-181 - 7143251 4 Pin Alternator

Jun 2010

Affected Part(s): 7143251 Alternator for various non-certified engine systems

TSB 182

TSB-182 - T60 Repair Kit Changes

June, 2010

Affected Part(s): T60 Repair Kits

TSB 183 TSB-183 - FOS Universal Oxygen Sensor

Jun 2010

Affected Part (s): FOS Oxygen Sensor

TSB-186TSB-186 - New IMP Series 52 Regulator

July, 2010

Affected Parts: IMP52

TSB 1883TSB-188 - Electronic Governor Part Availability

Mar 2011

Affected Part(s): Electronic Governors
TSB-191TSB-191 - Change to ET98 Connectors

Nov 2011

Affected Part(s): ET98 Shut-Off Valves
TSB-192 - Change to FL-50046 Connectors3

Feb 2012

Affected Part(s): FL-50046 Shut-Off Valves

TSB 196 - VCS Valve Replacement

Apr 2013

Affected Parts: VCS, Vacuum Control Valve

TSB 198 -Model 55 Power Valve & Idle Screw Change

Jun 2015

Affected Parts: Model 55 Mixers & Carburetors with 90° Air Horns

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