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At IMPCO, our dedication to quality products and value added carburetion and emissions solutions extends beyond the manufacturing and sales channels to include relevant and effective technical training and support.

The products we sell range from fuel storage and fuel metering components, to electronic fuel control systems, exhaust catalysts, and fully dressed, low emission certified engine packages. Our products not only meet our customers’ technical and regulatory requirements, but also exceed durability, performance and reliability expectations.

Fuel System Components - IMPCO Technologies is the world leader in gaseous fuel carburetion components for internal combustion engines from 1/2  to 5000 horsepower.

Industrial Fuel Systems - From basic retrofit conversion kits to complete systems including catalysts, IMPCO supplies a package in modules or kits depending on the customer's wishes or logistical needs.

Industrial Engines - Certified and non-certified turn-key engine solutions for a wide variety of applications.

Catalogs - PDF versions of our component and engine catalogs.

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  IMPCO is a registered trademark brand of IMPCO Technologies Inc.