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IMPCO Emission Certified Fuel System:

How to Determine Diagnostic Scan Tool Software and Hardware Needed to Diagnose your Engine

Step 1: Identify Your Engine:

IMPCO has a variety of fuel systems which require different CAN bus adapters, cables and software needed to connect to the engine’s ECM.  Each emission certified system has a white emission label affixed to the valve cover, indentifying it as an IMPCO system and will indicate the engine model year

NOTE: The engine model year (the year the engine and its fuel system are certified) may be different from the model year of the truck, generator or the application using the engine.

Serial numbers on trucks, generators or other applications are not recorded by IMPCO, therefore, IMPCO cannot identify the fuel system by any of the OEM model or serial numbers.  The information listed on the emission label is the easiest and most accurate way of determining the application’s fuel system.

Step 2 Identify Your Fuel System:

Spectrum Series
IMPCO’s certified fuel systems have been utilized on various engines and applications since 2004.  There are three Spectrum systems, referred to as: Series II, Series III and Series IV.  The LPG regulators, ECMs and DST connectors (found on the engine wire harness) utilized in each of these systems are pictured below:

*Note that only LPG and Natural Gas regulators are depicted; gasoline systems will differ


Step 3 Identify and Obtain DST Software/Password/Instruction/Adapter/Driver & Cable:

Use the chart below to determine what is required to connect to the engine system, then use the links in the table to obtain the instructions (in a PDF document), password and the software necessary.  All of the items listed below can be purchased from any IMPCO distributor.  The CAN Bus Adapters (also known as “Dongles”) may be purchased directly from the manufacturer.

II 2004-2006 GM 3.0L & 4.3L Series II  Password Series II DST Instructions ECOM, P/N E2046002 32-bit P/N E1557400
III 2007-2009 GM 3.0L & 4.3L Series III Password Series III DST Instructions ECOM, P/N E2046002 32-bit N/A
2007- Mazda 2.0L & 2.2L 64-bit
IV (Stationary) 2010- GM 2.4L, 3.0L, 4.3L Series IV Password Series IV DST Instructions iFak, P/N ISCAN-USB or Kvaser Lite iFak

P/N 1534008
IV (Mobile) 2010- GM 2.4L, 3.0L & 4.3L; K25 & Ford 2.5L Kvaser

Internet Explorer should be used to download the above links.

Use the Spectrum Application Chart to determine the year in which the engine is certified (as shown on the emission label) and the engine make and size.  

NOTE: The engine model year (the year the engine and its fuel system are certified) may be different from the model year of the truck, generator or the application using the engine.

DST Software
The Diagnostic Scan Tool (DST) is the IMPCO supplied software installed on the laptop that provides the end user with the means to read the Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTCs), sensor outputs, monitor engine performance, etc.  It can be downloaded by clicking the link in the table above.  Refer to the OEM Service Manual for DTCs and diagnostics.

Supported laptop operating systems are:

DST Software Password
The password necessary to install the DST software.  Click on the link in the table to download this password. 

DST Instructions
A PDF file (read by Adobe Acrobat) provides step by step, detailed instructions on how to install the DST and CAN (Controller Area Network) bus Adapter software, connect to the application and retrieve codes and live information from the ECM.  Click on the link in the table to download the instructions.

CAN Bus Adapter
The CAN bus Adapter, such as an ECOM, iFak or Kvaser converts the signals from the application’s ECM CAN protocol into a format that can be read by the DST on the laptop. The CAN Bus adapter can be purchased from any IMPCO distributor or directly from the manufacturer.

CAN Bus Adapter Software/Driver
The laptop requires software or a driver to communicate with the CAN Bus adapter.  Click on the link in the table to download this software.

NOTE: The ECOM CAN bus adapter requires either a 32-bit or 64-bit driver, depending on the operating system (OS).  Older computers use a 32-bit system, while most new ones use a 64-bit.  To determine the operating system of your Windows computer, go to Control Panel --> System and note the OS listed next to “System Type.”  NOTE: Only the ECOM driver requires either the 32- or 64-bit driver, the iFak and Kvaser drivers work with either 32- or 64-bit systems.

Engine Connection Cable
The CAN bus adapter requires the correct cable to connect to the diagnostic port on the application’s engine wire harness.  The CAN Bus adapter can be purchased from any IMPCO distributor or directly from the manufacturer.


The computer can’t connect and the message “J1939 Can’t Connect” or a similar error message appears.

  • Following the step by step instructions, double check that the software was installed properly:
    • DST Software (verify it is set to the correct ECM and CAN bus adapter, if applicable).  Refer to the DST Instructions.
    • CAN Bus adapter (ECOM, iFak or Kvaser) driver is not installed.
    •  If necessary, reinstall the DST and CAN Bus adapter software.
  • Verify that the installer has administrative privileges on the laptop and that no firewall, anti-virus programs or other software is interfering with the DST software and driver.
  • Verify all electrical connections are good and the connectors are not damaged on either the CAN bus adapter or the application’s electrical harness.
  • Connect to another Spectrum System to verify the system is working properly.
  • Use another laptop.

Can IMPCO determine my system by the truck’s serial number, model or production year?
IMPCO does not record OEM serial numbers, model or production year information and a Spectrum Series type cannot be determined with this information.  The emission label is the easiest way to determine the engine and its model year.

Where can I obtain the ECM software or calibration?
The software, calibration or firmware installed on the ECM is proprietary to the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and IMPCO cannot supply the calibration to anyone other than the OEM.  If an ECM requires new software (reflashing), the software or calibration must be obtained through the OEM network.

Service Manuals
Application service manuals are provided by the OEM.

Can I connect to an older application or non-certified system?
Applications with IMPCO fuel systems produced 2003 and earlier and non-certified applications used in markets outside of the U.S. are not electronically controlled by an ECM and do not have the diagnostic capability of the emission certified applications.

Why is a Password Required?
The password determines the level of access to the application’s ECM.  Some passwords allow read-only access to ECM while others allow reflashing and reprogramming of the ECM.

I’m stuck and I need help!
Contact IMPCO Industrial Technical Support at indtech@impcotechnologies.com or (714) 656-1200 8AM to 5PM M-F PST.

To print or view these instructions in a pdf format, click here


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