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New pathways to a cleaner, brighter and more secure future are created by IMPCO’s alternative fuel technologies. Our advanced gaseous fuel technology significantly reduces the production of environmentally adverse emissions. Governments all over the world are now responding to heightened public awareness of environmental and energy dependence issues, creating mandates and economic incentives designed to increase the use of alternative fuels.

Motor cycles, auto rickshaws, sedans, station wagons, fleet utility vehicles, sport utility vehicles, buses, medium and heavy duty on-highway vehicles represent the applications of this market segment. IMPCO’s broad transportation product portfolio has the capacity to satisfy the vast requirements, driven by the varying regulations and the variety of applications, of this market segment.

A wide array of products and systems are offered including open & closed loop components, central point fuel delivery closed loop systems and state of the art multi point sequential gaseous phase injection systems (www.impcoautomotive.com). under the brand name of Sequent Plug & Drive. We provide these products to original equipment manufacturers, after-market distributors and retrofit dealers. The fuel choice in this market segment is primarily propane or natural gas.

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